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Just an Asian/Hawaiian girl in her own little world. I'm 15 years old with an ethnic background of Hawaiian, Korean,Japanese, and Chinese bloodline. . K-pop, food, fashion, and life as I know it. Thanks for following me it really means a lot!!

Yongguk licking his lips ♥

Yongguk licking his lips ♥

Aries: rather masculine, nice arched eyebrows, strong jawstructure
Taurus: doe eyes, tan easily, womanly bodies, thick hair
Gemini: petite, youthful looks, long limbs, crooked smiles
Cancer: baby faces, fragile bodies, round faces and watery eyes
Leo: awesome strong hair, friendly feautures, one milliond dollar smiles
Virgo: prominent noses, sad puppy eyes, healthy bodyweight
Libra: feminine symmetrical faces, no prominent features, very balanced
Scorpio: reptilian eyes, nice skin, memorable / outstanding feautures
Sagittarius: friendly, ageless faces, strong legs
Capricorn: mature faces, nice cheekbones, compact bodies
Aquarius: long limbs, sleepy eyes, big smiles
Pisces: small eyes.. ?? anything is possible with pisces

Can I really have these?
Can I really have these?

"why did you all, as young singers, choose this song?" (the song is called ‘the happiness of going through hardships together)


He’s Exo’s duizhang (next to leader Junma)
He’s flawless

he’s cool

he’s hot



what r u doing





just go back to the galaxy you came from

baptan parallels

we acknowledge it, kim minguk…

鹿晗 /lù  hán/ noun. a kawaii motherfucking princess aka perfection on earth

鹿晗 /lù  hán/ noun. a kawaii motherfucking princess aka perfection on earth

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